Why Market Online?

78% of Internet users conduct product research online.

78% of business people use their mobile device to check email.

40% of US smartphone owners compare prices on their mobile device while in-store, shopping for an item.

91% of email users have unsubscribed from a company email they previously opted-in to.

84% of 25-34 year-olds have left a favorite website because of intrusive or irrelevant advertising.

On average, companies respond to only 30% of social media fans' feedback. (Source: Factbrowser) Engagement is rare. Stand out from your competition by caring and engaging with your social media community.

The average tablet user spends 13.9 hours per week with the device. (Source: OPA) The tablet is quickly becoming the new laptop. Survey your customers and leads to understand how they are using tablets, and let that data influence future marketing strategies targeted at tablet users.

By 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in US retail will be influenced by the web. (Source: Forrester Research) Commerce is shifting more and more online. Make sure that you have a method to easily sell your product or service online.

88% of adults in the US have a cell phone, 57% have a laptop, 19% own an e-reader, and 19% have a tablet. (Source: Pew Internet) The cell phone is the dominant communication tool in the United States, but information consumption is fragmented. Optimize your digital marketing for all of the screens and devices used by your target audience.

64% of smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to shop online. (Source: eDigitalResearch) The smartphone is ripe with impulse shopping revenue. If you sell goods online, target specific campaigns to smartphone users.

73% of smartphone owners access social networks through apps at least once per day. (Source: Lightspeed Research) Social is mobile. Make sure that content you're sharing on social networks -- like your blog articles and landing pages -- are optimized for mobile devices.

91% of online adults use social media regularly. (Source: Experian) Social media is fully integrated into communication culture. Make sure it is an integrated part of your marketing strategy, too.